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I could tell you all day how much I think I can help transform your life, but luckily, you don't need to take my word for it. Here are a few good words from some of my clients.

  • A Fitness Dynamo

    Brandon is nothing short of a fitness dynamo. Brandon brings to the table a wide range of knowledge of health and fitness, but what really separates him from everyone else is his unadulterated passion for being in shape and helping others do the same. He truly wants to see people be and feel their absolute best…when they succeed, he succeeds. What’s really special about working with someone like Brandon is his ability to gauge exactly where you are…mentally and physically. He has an uncanny ability to always know when to push harder and when to ease the pressure and it always surprises me. His approach maintains a balance between these two extremes with precision. On top of that, he’s always finding new and fun ways to work out. It always feels fresh and I find myself looking forward to what else he has up his sleeve each session. The results are inevitable when working with him, all it takes is a dedication on our parts…and luckily that dedication isn’t hard at all when you’re working with someone as professional, knowledgeable and fun as Brandon. Honestly, working with Brandon is something I look forward to just because he’s a great person…the fast-paced results that I’m seeing are the icing on the cake.

     – Lars F.
  • Inspires Strength

    I want a trainer who is understanding, encouraging, and nurturing, but also one who will push me hard, make me sweat, and inspire strength. Somehow, Brandon captures that balance. He has respect for the process and for the individual and is a refreshingly transparent human.

    – Meagan I.

  • One of the Best Coaches

    “After 8 months training with Brandon, I’m convinced of the benefits of taking the time to exercise 4 – 5 days a week.  Before we began sessions, I walked and swam and skied, but it wasn’t every day or every other day.  I’m stronger, I sleep better, my legs look great, and currently, the exercise is most important for stress reduction.  Brandon is one of top supportive people in my life and one of the best coaches in any field I’ve ever met.  He pushes me to grow, but always with a playful, respectful and admiring demeanor.  My work is all consuming and stressful; we have sessions when I’m depressed, angry, and jubilant—he’s ridden them all without a cross word or sour mood.  I’m proud to call him friend.”

    – Jeannine G

  • Finding Brandon Was a Blessing

    “As a busy mom, it was hard to find time to workout, and strength training always took a backseat to everything else. Workouts are now fun! Brandon always challenges me, and afterwards I feel great knowing that I’m getting stronger each day! As I get stronger, my over all stamina is improving and my energy level throughout the day is so much greater. Brandon listens to my goals and pushes me to help achieve those goals, all while being encouraging and supportive. Finding Brandon was a blessing! It is so rare to find a trainer that is affordable, loves what they do AND will come to me! There are no excuses now – Brandon comes to me and it is the best!”

    – Christie D.

  • I’ve Been Amazed

    “I started working with Brandon because I’ve always wanted good-looking arms but never had the time or discipline to do strength training on my own. I’ve been amazed by how fast the results have come. My first session I could only do 5 pushups. My seventh session I pumped out 41. Talk about progress!

    The great thing about Brandon is that he pushes you beyond what you think you can do, so that not only does my body look better, but my confidence in myself and what I can handle in life has increased. Yet he does it with a style that is all about encouragement and support, not criticism. I’m hooked!”

     – Sara L.
  • Incredibly Convenient

    “My regular workout routine was suddenly no match for my mid forties metabolism. Brandon developed a high energy, intense and personalized program that produced immediate results. Having him coach me through workouts on a regular basis is not only incredibly convenient (he comes to my house), it keeps me on track and motivated. As someone who was already into fitness, I was surprised to find that working with Brandon would would have such significant results; I will be ready for swimsuit season.”

    – Samantha W.

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