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Getting in shape doesn’t have to be tortuous!


Overstreet Fitness Bootcamps at Rogue Fit Solutions provide metabolism-boosting workouts designed for burning excess body fat and toning muscle. You’ll get an all-over body workout that will shape you up, help you drop weight, increase your lean muscle mass, and give you more energy in your day-to-day life.

Taught by Brandon Overstreet, certified personal trainer, this elite class combines a mixture of cardiovascular and strength training in a fun, high-energy environment.

What Can I Expect From Bootcamp?

✔✔ Firmer arms, legs, thighs and buns

✔✔ Faster metabolism

✔✔ 4-12 pounds of weight loss

✔✔ 2-5% decrease in body fat

✔✔ Improved mental and physical well being

✔✔ Greater confidence and self-esteem

✔✔ Increased energy

✔✔ Look and feel better in your favorite clothes

Ok,What’s It Cost…And How Do I Enlist?

Join the adventure and start your fitness and weight loss program for only $120 per monthly session, that’s only $10 per workout! Discounts available for long term commitments of 3 or 6 months. $15 Drop-in available. Sign up today! (see below)

Tuesdays & Thursday 6:00 P.M and Saturdays 9:00 A.M. – STARTING JUNE 4TH!

SPACE IS LIMITED: Call or Email to Register: Brandon Overstreet 541-621-7232, brandonstraining@yahoo.com